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Descripción Fabricante Código Escala Estatus Precio
Panzer ADN (Castellano) / Panzer DNA (Castellano)  Ammo of Mig  AMJ-6036    Hardcover  En Stock  $42.95 
IAF Desert Colors (4 bottles x 17ml)  Ammo of Mig  AMJ-7200    Acrylic  En Stock  $17.95 
US Modern Vehicles Colors Acrylic Paint Set (6 Colors) 17ml Bottles  AK Interactive  AKI-801    Acrylic  En Stock  $24.95 
Figure Series: Brown Colors Acrylic Paint Set (6 Colors) 17ml Bottles  AK Interactive  AKI-3260    Acrylic  En Stock  $24.95 
AK Learning Series 6: Carnes y Pieles (castellano)  AK Interactive  AKI-242    Softcover  En Stock  $19.95 
Modelling Full Ahead Edición especial 2 (castellano). La Clase New Orleans.  AK Interactive  AKI-896    Softcover  En Stock  $28.95 
Modelling Full Ahead Edición especial 1 (castellano). La última batalla del Lexinton 1/700   AK Interactive  AKI-668    Softcover  En Stock  $28.95 
Fine Scale Modeler Julio 2017  Fine Scale Modeler  FSM-0717    Softcover  En Stock  $7.95 
1/72 Bf109E3 Fighter Small Starter Set w/paint & glue  Airfix  ARX-55106    1/72  En Stock  $13.95 
Vehicle Weathering & Effect Oil Paint Set (6 Colors) 20ml Tubes  Abteilüng 502  ABT-302    Oils  En Stock  $38.95 
TS-96 Fluorescent orange Spray 100ml  Tamiya  TAM-85096    Lacquer  En Stock  $9.45 
TS-91 Dark Green Spray 100ml  Tamiya  TAM-85091    Lacquer  En Stock  $11.95 
TS-90 Brown Spray 100ml  Tamiya  TAM-85090    Lacquer  En Stock  $11.95 
TS-81 Royal Light Gray Spray 100ml  Tamiya  TAM-85081    Lacquer  En Stock  $9.45 
TS-77 Flat Flesh 2 Spray 100ml  Tamiya  TAM-85077    Lacquer  En Stock  $9.45 
TS-70 Olive drab Spray 100ml  Tamiya  TAM-85070    Lacquer  En Stock  $9.45 
TS-69 Linoleoum Deck Brown Spray 100ml  Tamiya  TAM-85069    Lacquer  En Stock  $9.45 
TS-68 Wooden Deck Tan Spray 100ml  Tamiya  TAM-85068    Lacquer  En Stock  $9.45 
TS-67 IJN Gray Sasebo Spray 100ml  Tamiya  TAM-85067    Lacquer  En Stock  $9.45 
TS-66 IJN Gray Kure Spray 100ml  Tamiya  TAM-85066    Lacquer  En Stock  $9.45 
TS-65 Pearl Clear Spray 100ml  Tamiya  TAM-85065    Lacquer  En Stock  $9.45 
TS-56 Brilliant Orange Spray 100ml  Tamiya  TAM-85056    Lacquer  En Stock  $7.95 
TS-37 Lavender Spray 100ml  Tamiya  TAM-85037    Lacquer  En Stock  $7.95 
TS-29 Semi gloss black Spray 100ml  Tamiya  TAM-85029    Lacquer  En Stock  $7.95 
TS-Cobalt Green Spray 100ml  Tamiya  TAM-89974    Lacquer  En Stock  $10.45 
1/48 RAF WWII seat belts PRE-PAINTED IN COLOUR!  Eduard Accessories  EDU-49006    1/48  En Stock  $7.95 
1/48 Seat belts France PRE-PAINTED IN COLOUR!  Eduard Accessories  EDU-49010    1/48  En Stock  $9.95 
1/48 Imperial Japanese Navy/IJN seat belts PRE-PAINTED IN COLOUR!  Eduard Accessories  EDU-49004    1/48  En Stock  $7.95 
1/48 Seatbelts Soviet Union WW2 fighters STEEL  Eduard Accessories  EDU-FE846    1/48  En Stock  $7.95 
1/48 Seatbelts Italy WWII fighters STEEL  Eduard Accessories  EDU-FE826    1/48  En Stock  $7.95 
1/48 Seatbelts RAF late STEEL  Eduard Accessories  EDU-FE818    1/48  En Stock  $7.95 
1/48 Seatbelts Luftwaffe WWII fighters STEEL kits  Eduard Accessories  EDU-FE812    1/48  En Stock  $7.95 
1/48 Seatbelts RAF early STEEL kits  Eduard Accessories  EDU-FE811    1/48  En Stock  $7.95 
Weathering Master A Set - Sand, Light Sand, Mud  Tamiya  TAM-87079      En Stock  $12.95 
Weathering Master B Set - Snow, Soot, Rust  Tamiya  TAM-87080      En Stock  $12.95 
Weathering Master C Set - Orange Rust, Gun Metal, Silver  Tamiya  TAM-87085      En Stock  $12.95 
Weathering Master D Set - Burnt Blue, Red, Oil Stain  Tamiya  TAM-87088      En Stock  $12.95 
Weathering Master E Set - (Yellow Gray Green)  Tamiya  TAM-87098      En Stock  $12.95 
Weathering Master F Set - Titan/Light Gun Metal/Copper  Tamiya  TAM-87123      En Stock  $12.95 
Weathering Master G Set - Figures I offer you a convenient way to apply gradation, highlights, and shadowing on figurine models.  Tamiya  TAM-87126      En Stock  $12.95 
Weathering Master H Set offers you a convenient way to apply gradation, highlights, and shadowing on figurine models  Tamiya  TAM-87127      En Stock  $12.95 
Sharp Pointed Side Cutter - For Plastic (Slim Jaw). The sharp jaw blades offer an excellent cutting edge, and they have a slightly slimmer jaw than previous Tamiya plastic cutter products, enabling easier removal of smaller parts which have less clearance.  Tamiya  TAM-74123      En Stock  $44.00 
Sharp Pointed Side Cutter. This precision side cutter has thin, pointed blades, and is ideal for removing delicate plastic parts from sprue. The blades are made from quality chrome-vanadic alloy, and are hand-finished for optimum sharpness.  Tamiya  TAM-74035      En Stock  $40.00 
Basic File Set - Medium double-Cut  Tamiya  TAM-74046      En Stock  $10.00 
Diamond File - For Photo Etched Parts for removing flash from photoetch parts.  Tamiya  TAM-74066      En Stock  $11.00 
Anti-Vibration Mat - For Air Compressor. Made from synthetic rubber (EPDM), this product not only absorbs your air compressors vibration, it still has the firmness to provide a stable base and ensure the compressor does not fall over.  Tamiya  TAM-74554      En Stock  $8.25 
Angled Tweezers. Made from stainless steel with a black cationic finish for long life.  Tamiya  TAM-74003      En Stock  $11.50 
Modelers Knife Pro. Set includes Straight blade (3pcs.), Curved blade (2pcs.), and Chisel blade (2pcs.).  Tamiya  TAM-74098      En Stock  $28.00 
AS-1 Dk Green Spray 100ml  Tamiya  TAM-86501    Lacquer  En Stock  $9.45 
AS-2 Light Gray Spray 100ml  Tamiya  TAM-86502    Lacquer  En Stock  $9.45 
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