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Airbrush & compressor
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Airbrush & compressor

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Descripción Fabricante Código Escala Estatus Precio
Size 1 Needle (VLN-1)  Paasche  PAS-9578      En Stock  $6.95 
Airbrush Aircobra  Ammo of Mig  AMJ-8625      En Stock  $169.95 
Airbrush Cleaning Station / Cleaning Pot. Estación de limpieza.   Vallejo  VLJ-26005      En Stock  $26.95 
Master Airbrush Premium Airbrush In-Line Mini Air Filter and Water Trap (Fits 1/8" threads)  Master Airbrush  MAS-WT18      En Stock  $18.95 
Portable lightweight Hobby Airbrush Paint Spray Booth Kit Exhaust Filter Extractor Set Model with Exhaust Extension Hose that Extends up to 5.6 Feet (67 Inches). Easy to Set-Up and Use. Keeps your work environment neat and clean by reducing the mess and hazards when spraying in confined areas.   Master Airbrush  MAS-420DCK      En Stock  $159.95 
Aztek 2.3oz. Bottles (2)  Testors Paints  TES-9327    2.3oz  En Stock  $7.95 
Iwata airbrush cleaning kit  Iwata Airbrush  IWA-CL100    Acrylic  En Stock  $27.95 
Gravity Feed Cup Set (3cc, 7.5cc, 12cc)  Testors Paints  TES-9337      En Stock  $11.95 
Mini Blue air compressor 120V  Testors  TES-50204A      En Stock  $152.95 
Metal Airbrush Set in Wood Case. A480 Airbrush & 6in (1.8 mm) hose, Fine Line Nozzle / .30 mm, General Detail Nozzle / .53 mm, Acrylic General Detail, Nozzle / .40 mm, Acrylic High Flow Nozzle / .50 mm, General Detail Nozzle / .40 mm, High Flow Nozzle / .50 mm, 2.5 cc Side Feed Color Cup, 3 cc Gravity Feed Color Cup, 7.5 cc Gravity Feed Color Cup, 10 cc Gravity Feed Color Cup, 28 mm Siphon cap & bottle, 33 mm Siphon cap & bottle, Instructional manual & video, Compressor adapter, Wooden storage case.   Testors  TES-A4809      En Stock  $239.95 
Testors Aztek Beginner Basic External Airbrush System.   Testors  TES-A2207      En Stock  $24.95 
Replacement BOOTH FILTER for models 400DC / 420DCK. 16" Wide x 7-1/4" High x 7/8".  Master Airbrush  MAS-200BF      En Stock  $19.95 
Intermediate Double Action Internal Mix Airbrush. Includes: Airbrush, Hose, Two Bottles, Three Nozzles, Paint Cup, Case, DVD  Testors Paints  TES-4306      En Stock  $124.95 
Metal Airbrush Set, w/wooden case. Includes: (1) A470M Airbrush & Hose (6ft), (1) Double Action, Internal Mix Fine Line Nozzle (.30mm), (1) General Purpose Nozzle (.40mm), (1) High Flow Nozzle (.50mm), (1) Spatter Nozzle (.50mm), (1) General Detail Nozzle (.53mm), (1) Medium Coverage Nozzle (.70mm), (1) Large Coverage Nozzle (1.02mm), (1) General Coverage Nozzle (.40mm), (1) High Flow Nozzle (.50mm), (1) Side Feed Paint Cup (2.5cc), (3) Gravity Feed Paint Cups (3.0, 7.5, 12cc), (1) Top Feed Paint Cup (12cc), Siphon Cap & Bottle (28 & 33mm), Compressor Adapter  Testors Paints  TES-7778      Por pedido  $0.00 
Airbrush Cleaning Station. MSRP $29.99  Testors Paints  TES-9315      En Stock  $28.95 
3-Nozzle Set (9304-9305-9341)  Testors Paints  TES-9352      En Stock  $27.95 
All-inclusive airbrush set. Includes: Paint storage carousel, 1 ozone safe propellant, 1 airbrush double action internal mix, 1 pipette, 12 acrylic paints: Flat black, Flat olive, Flat gray, Flat camouflage gray, Flat white, Gray primer, Gloss black, Gloss red, Gloss purple, Gloss blue, Gloss teal and Silver.  Testors  TES-9174      No Disponible  $0.00 
A2705 Testors Aztek Starter Airbrush   Testors  TES-2705      Por pedido  $0.00 
Aztek Internal Mix/Double Action A470 Airbrush Set  Testors  TES-A4702      Por pedido  $0.00 
Iwata Model F2 Fusion 2000 Air Compressor  Iwata Airbrush  IWAF2000      Por pedido  $0.00 
Eclipse ECL 2001 airbrush set. Includes: airbrush internal mix, 2oz bottle feed airbrush, hose.  Iwata Airbrush  IWAECL2001      Por pedido  $0.00 
Adaptor 1/8F x 1/4 M (GXX to BAD/PAS/TES)   Grex Airbrush Products  GXX-AD6    Por pedido  $0.00 
1/8HP Portable Piston Compressor (120V) w/Air Regulator, Pressure Gauge, Moisture Trap  Grex Airbrush Products  GXX-AC1810A    Por pedido  $0.00 
Cleaning Station Filters   Testors Paints  TES-9316C      En Stock  $9.95 
Airbrush Set A320 Set  Testors Models  TES3205      Por pedido  $0.00 
Eclipse G6 Pistol Grip  Iwata Airbrush  IWAECL9000    Por pedido  $0.00 
Iwata Revolution BCR & All-Purpose Modeler s Kit  Iwata Airbrush  IWAR2100      Por pedido  $0.00 
Wrench   Badger  BAD-50-086    Por pedido  $0.00 
Washer for Propel Regulator  Badger  BAD-50-119    Por pedido  $0.00 
Valve Screw  Badger  BAD-50-015    Por pedido  $0.00 
Valve Plunger for Model 400  Badger  BAD-40-014    Por pedido  $0.00 
Valve O-Ring  Badger  BAD-50-0141    Por pedido  $0.00 
Valve Housing for Model 400  Badger  BAD-40-016    Por pedido  $0.00 
Valve Casing  Badger  BAD-50-013    Por pedido  $0.00 
Universal Head Siphon Bottom Feed Deluxe Airbrush Set  Badger  BAD-200-3    Por pedido  $0.00 
Universal Head Siphon Bottom Feed Airbrush Set  Badger  BAD-200-1    Por pedido  $0.00 
Universal Gravity/Bottom Feed Airbrush Set w/Hose  Badger  BAD-360-7    Por pedido  $0.00 
Universal Gravity/Bottom Feed Airbrush Set in Wooden Case  Badger  BAD-360-9    Por pedido  $0.00 
Universal Gravity/Bottom Feed Airbrush Set  Badger  BAD-360-1    Por pedido  $0.00 
Universal Gravity/Bottom Feed Airbrush Only  Badger  BAD-360-2    Por pedido  $0.00 
Tube Shank   Badger  BAD-41-014    Por pedido  $0.00 
Tube Shank   Badger  BAD-50-030    Por pedido  $0.00 
Trigger Pin for Model 400  Badger  BAD-40-043    Por pedido  $0.00 
Trigger   Badger  BAD-50-019    Por pedido  $0.00 
Transparent In-line Dainable Water Trap (Filter Only) As Used On 50-2025  Badger  BAD-50-2014    Por pedido  $0.00 
Touch-Up Gun w/Medium Tip  Badger  BAD-400-2    Por pedido  $0.00 
Touch-Up Gun w/Heavy Tip  Badger  BAD-400-3    Por pedido  $0.00 
Touch-Up Gun w/Fine Tip  Badger  BAD-400-1    Por pedido  $0.00 
Thread Seal Tape  Badger  BAD-50-115    Por pedido  $0.00 
Teflon Needle Bearing   Badger  BAD-50-046      Por pedido  $0.00 
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