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Descripción Fabricante Código Escala Estatus Precio
Rosie the Riveter Tool - 0.50mm Double for 1/72 and 1/48  Rosie The Riveter  RTR-050D    1/72 - 1/48  En Stock  $32.95 
Rosie the Riveter Tool - 0.65mm Double for 1/48 and 1/32   Rosie The Riveter  RTR-065D    1/48 - 1/32  En Stock  $29.95 
Masking Tape 5mm  AK Interactive  AKI-8203      En Stock  $3.95 
Masking Tape 2mm  AK Interactive  AKI-8201      En Stock  $2.95 
Wet Palette Container to extend use of Acrylic Paint w/wipe, papers, foams  AK Interactive  AKI-8064      En Stock  $19.95 
Mr. Cap Opener for Mr. Hobby Paints (10ml and 18ml). Also to be used on Tamiya paints (10ml) and AK Interactive paints (Real Colors 10ml)  Gunze Sangyo / Mr. Hobby  GUZ-GT56      En Stock  $10.95 
Special Nib for Gundam Marker Airbrush (6 per package)  Gunze Sangyo / Mr. Hobby  GUZ-GMA01K      En Stock  $3.95 
Gundam Marker Airbrush System. Includes air propelant.  Gunze Sangyo / Mr. Hobby  GUZ-GMA01      En Stock  $49.95 
Flex-I-File Assorted Grit Refills  Flex-I-File  FXF-321      En Stock  $4.95 
Flex-I-File Combo Set. Aluminum frame and complete set of files for every job.  Flex-I-File  FXF-123      En Stock  $19.95 
Refill for 4mm Glass Fiber Pencil (3)  AK Interactive  AKI-8065    4mm  En Stock  $7.95 
Decal Positioner tool.  Squadron Tools  SQU-10212      En Stock  $5.95 
Engraving Blade Holder  Tamiya  TAM-74139      En Stock  $17.50 
Fine Engraving Blade (0.1mm)  Tamiya  TAM-74135      En Stock  $32.00 
Fine Engraving Blade (0.2mm)  Tamiya  TAM-74136      En Stock  $32.00 
Fine Engraving Blade (0.3mm)  Tamiya  TAM-74137      En Stock  $32.00 
Fine Engraving Blade (0.5mm)  Tamiya  TAM-74138      En Stock  $32.00 
Pipette Set (3 short + 3 long)  Tamiya  TAM-87124      En Stock  $6.95 
Polishing Compound Sponges (3 diff sizes)  Tamiya  TAM-87192      En Stock  $5.00 
Glass Fiber Pencil 4mm, Para realizar trabajos de precisión al momento de lijar de una manera más controlada. Elimina excesos de pegamento seco sobre la superficie del modelo, pulir fotograbados, etc.  AK Interactive  AKI-8058      En Stock  $12.95 
Silicone brick mold. For use with plaster. Includes a special took for work with the plaster.  MIG Productions  MIG-35400      En Stock  $22.95 
Mr. Magnifier Lamp, GSI Mr. Lupe with LED.  Gunze Sangyo / Mr. Hobby  GUZ-LP01      En Stock  $24.95 
Pick-Up Tool w/Sticky Silicone Tip  Vallejo  VLJ-12002      En Stock  $10.95 
Tweezers w/Magnifier  Vallejo  VLJ-12001      En Stock  $7.95 
Plastic Modeling Tool Set: Sprue Cutter, #1 Knife, 5 #11 Blades, 5.5in x 4in Cutting Mat, Flat File  Vallejo  VLJ-11001      En Stock  $21.95 
Precision Masking Tape 1mm x 18m (2)  Vallejo  VLJ-7002    1mm  En Stock  $3.00 
HG Straight Tweezers  Tamiya  TAM-74048      En Stock  $20.50 
HG Angled Tweezers  Tamiya  TAM-74047      En Stock  $20.50 
Tamiya Craft Cotton Swab Triangular Extra Small 50pcs  Tamiya  TAM-87105      En Stock  $5.00 
Model Master Hobby Knife  Testors  TES-50627      En Stock  $7.95 
Model Master #11 Knife Blades (5)  Testors  TES-8816      En Stock  $5.00 
Micro Scissors   Squadron/Signal  SQU-10401      En Stock  $6.95 
Weathering Effects - European Thick Mud (40ml)  Vallejo  VLJ-73807    Acrylic  En Stock  $6.95 
Mini Razor Saw with 3 different blades  Trumpeter Models  TSM-9909      En Stock  $12.95 
Basic File Set - Smooth Double-Cut  Tamiya  TAM-74104      En Stock  $10.95 
Tamiya Fine Lapping Film #6000 - 3pcs  Tamiya  TAM-87186      En Stock  $8.95 
A3 Cutting Mat size in millimeters 297 x 420 mm  Model Craft  MLC-6003      En Stock  $23.95 
Sanding Sponge Sheet 4.5"x5.5" (5mm thick) 240 Grit  Tamiya  TAM-87162      En Stock  $5.95 
Sanding Sponge Sheet 4.5"x5.5" (5mm thick) 180 Grit  Tamiya  TAM-87161      En Stock  $5.95 
Sharp Pointed Side Cutter - For Plastic (Slim Jaw). The sharp jaw blades offer an excellent cutting edge, and they have a slightly slimmer jaw than previous Tamiya plastic cutter products, enabling easier removal of smaller parts which have less clearance.  Tamiya  TAM-74123      En Stock  $44.00 
Sharp Pointed Side Cutter. This precision side cutter has thin, pointed blades, and is ideal for removing delicate plastic parts from sprue. The blades are made from quality chrome-vanadic alloy, and are hand-finished for optimum sharpness.  Tamiya  TAM-74035      En Stock  $40.00 
Basic File Set - Medium double-Cut  Tamiya  TAM-74046      En Stock  $10.95 
Diamond File - For Photo Etched Parts for removing flash from photoetch parts.  Tamiya  TAM-74066      En Stock  $11.00 
Anti-Vibration Mat - For Air Compressor. Made from synthetic rubber (EPDM), this product not only absorbs your air compressors vibration, it still has the firmness to provide a stable base and ensure the compressor does not fall over.  Tamiya  TAM-74554      En Stock  $8.25 
Angled Tweezers. Made from stainless steel with a black cationic finish for long life.  Tamiya  TAM-74003      En Stock  $11.50 
Modelers Knife Pro. Set includes Straight blade (3pcs.), Curved blade (2pcs.), and Chisel blade (2pcs.).  Tamiya  TAM-74098      En Stock  $28.00 
Sanding Sponge Sheet 4.5"x5.5" (5mm thick) 400 Grit  Tamiya  TAM-87147      En Stock  $5.95 
Sanding Sponge Sheet 4.5"x5.5" (5mm thick) 600 Grit  Tamiya  TAM-87148      En Stock  $5.95 
Sanding Sponge Sheet 4.5"x5.5" (5mm thick) 320 Grit  Tamiya  TAM-87163      En Stock  $5.95 
Putty Tray and 5 applicators  Trumpeter Models  TSM-9922      En Stock  $9.95 
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