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Descripción Fabricante Código Escala Estatus Precio
MM Enamel High Gloss Clear 14.7ml  Testors Paints  TES-2780    Enamel  En Stock  $3.65 
Micro Scissors   Squadron/Signal  SQU-10401      En Stock  $6.95 
1/72 Hawker Typhoon Mk.Ib Starter Set includes 6 x Acrylic paints, 2 x brushes and 1 x poly cement   Airfix  ARX-55208    1/72  En Stock  $18.95 
1/72 Douglas A-4B/P Skyhawk vs BAe Sea Harrier FRS-1 (A-4B Skyhawk). NEW TOOLING. Starter Set includes 10 x Acrylic paints + 2 x brushes and 1 x polystyrene cement. Malvinas / Falklands.  Airfix  ARX-50134    1/72  En Stock  $39.95 
1/48 WWII German He111H6 Bomber (new tool)  ICM  ICM-48262    1/48  En Stock  $89.95 
The Best of Aces High Magazine Vol.1 (english text)  AK Interactive  AKI-2925    Softcover  En Stock  $24.95 
True Metal Wax Metallic Purple 20ml Tube  AK Interactive  AKI-452    Wax  En Stock  $10.95 
True Metal Wax Metallic Blue 20ml Tube  AK Interactive  AKI-451    Wax  En Stock  $10.95 
Real Colors: Complementary Clear Colors Acrylic Lacquer Paint Set (3) 10ml Bottles  AK Interactive  AKI-RCS23    Acrylic/Lacquer  En Stock  $11.85 
Real Colors: Basic Clear Colors Acrylic Lacquer Paint Set (3) 10ml Bottles  AK Interactive  AKI-RCS22    Acrylic/Lacquer  En Stock  $11.85 
Dioramas F.A.Q 1.2 extensión del volúmen 1 – agua, hielo y nieve  AK Interactive  AKI-8051    Softcover  En Stock  $49.95 
Aces High Revista 12va Edición: Hidroaviones (castellano)   AK Interactive  AKI-2923    Softcover  En Stock  $14.95 
Damaged 3ra Edición: Weathered & Worn (Castellano)   Abteilüng 502  ABT-706    Softcover  En Stock  $10.95 
MASTERING OILS 1, Técnicas de pintura con óleos sobre vehículos militares (castellano)  Abteilüng 502  ABT-603    Softcover  En Stock  $49.95 
Panzer Aces - Perfiles Vol. 2 (Castellano)  Ammo of Mig  AMJ-EURO-0008    Softcover  En Stock  $43.95 
Panther - Guía Visual para Modelistas.   Ammo of Mig  AMJ-6093    Softcover  En Stock  $21.95 
Su-35 Color Set. Acrylic paint set (4)  Ammo of Mig  AMJ-7219    Acrylic  En Stock  $17.95 
The Weathering Aircraft Nº 8. HIDROAVIONES (Castellano)  Ammo of Mig  AMJ-5108    Softcover  En Stock  $15.95 
The Weathering Magazine: Número 22. BÁSICO (Versión en Castellano)   Ammo of Mig  AMJ-4021    Softcover  En Stock  $14.95 
Enciclopedia de Técnicas de Modelismo de Blindados. Vol.5: Toques Finales (castellano)   Ammo of Mig  AMJ-6164    Softcover  En Stock  $55.95 
1/48 Chinook HC2/CH47F Helicopter  Italeri  ITA-2779    1/48  En Stock  $69.95 
1/72 Soviet MI24P Hind Attack Helicopter  Zvezda  ZVE-7315    1/72  En Stock  $33.95 
Tan Camouflage Netting  Pegasus Hobbies  PGH-5192    All  En Stock  $5.00 
Green Camouflage Netting  Pegasus Hobbies  PGH-5191    All  En Stock  $5.00 
1/48 UH1Y Venom Attack Helicopter  Kitty Hawk  KTH-80124    1/48  En Stock  $57.95 
1/48 Wessex HAS1 Helicopter  Italeri  ITA-2744    1/48  En Stock  $45.95 
1/35 German Assault Pioneer Team (3) & Goliath Tracked Mines (2)  Tamiya  TAM-35357    1/35  En Stock  $18.95 
Micro Metal Foil Adhesive 1oz Bottle  Microscale Ind.  MSI-08    glue  En Stock  $3.95 
1/72 A37B Dragonfly Aircraft  Academy  ACY-12461    1/72  En Stock  $14.95 
2mm Liquid Masking Marker  Molotow Markers  MLW-1    Acrylic  En Stock  $13.95 
1/48 IAI C-2/C-7 Kfir. Versions for: Sri-Lanka, Israel, Colombia, Ecuador  AMK Model Kits  AGK-88001A    1/48  En Stock  $66.95 
Mr. Color Thinner Lacquer 110ml  Gunze Sangyo / Mr. Hobby  GUZ-T102    Lacquer  En Stock  $5.95 
1/32 A6M2 Exhaust for TAM  QuickBoost  QUB-32086    1/32  En Stock  $8.95 
1/48 (Radr Absorbing Material) covered areas for Meng Model kits. USAF F-35 and IAF F-35.  Isradecal  ISD-104    1/48  En Stock  $37.95 
1/144 B727-100 Germania Commercial Airliner  Revell Germany  RVL-3946    1/144  En Stock  $18.95 
1/35 Hughes AH-6J/MH-6J Little Bird Nightstalkers  Kitty Hawk  KTH-50003    1/35  En Stock  $66.95 
6 x 12 x .030 White Sheets (2)  Evergreen  EVG-9030    Styrene  En Stock  $5.95 
1/72 F6F3 Hellcat Fighter w/Carrier Deck Section   Cyber-Hobby  CHC-5117    1/72  En Stock  $39.95 
Fine Scale Modeler Mar 2018  Fine Scale Modeler  FSM-0318    Softcover  En Stock  $7.95 
Fine Scale Modeler Feb 2018  Fine Scale Modeler  FSM-0218    Softcover  En Stock  $8.95 
1/48 Messerschmitt Bf109G6 Fighter  Tamiya  TAM-61117    1/48  En Stock  $50.95 
Sukhoi Su-25UB /Su-25UBK (Peruvian AF, CzAF, Macedonian AF, Soviet AF, Bulgarian AF, Iranian AF) (ex-OEZ and Kopro (ex KP)  Smer  SME-48858    1/48  En Stock  $29.95 
1/48 Sukhoi Su-17M3 (2x Soviet AF) (ex-OEZ and Kopro (ex KP)  Smer  SME-48855    1/48  En Stock  $29.95 
1/32 Aircraft- Seatbelts USN Fighters Steel WWII (Painted)  Eduard Accessories  EDU-32884    1/32  En Stock  $19.95 
1/32 Aircraft- Seatbelts IJN Steel Fighter (Painted)  Eduard Accessories  EDU-32874    1/32  En Stock  $19.95 
1/32 Aircraft- Seatbelts RAF Early Steel (Painted)  Eduard Accessories  EDU-32872    1/32  En Stock  $19.95 
1/32 Aircraft- Seatbelts USAAF Steel Fighter WWII (Painted)  Eduard Accessories  EDU-32868    1/32  En Stock  $19.95 
1/32 Aircraft- Seatbelts Luftwaffe Steel Fighter WWII (Painted)  Eduard Accessories  EDU-32867    1/32  En Stock  $19.95 
1/48 Seatbelts IJN fighters STEEL  Eduard Accessories  EDU-FE857    1/48  En Stock  $7.95 
1/48 Seatbelts USN WWII fighters STEEL  Eduard Accessories  EDU-FE828    1/48  En Stock  $7.95 
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